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Lesson of the Rabbi in The Montreal Review

Gold’s story, “The Lesson of the Rabbi,” the first work of fiction about sexual abuse by a rabbi, was published in 1994 in the journal Bridges, and subsequently in Gold’s first book, Marrow and Other Stories. Now it is available for the first time digitally, thanks to its publication in The Montreal Review.

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Joanna Lepore podcast


Dr. Gold converses with Joanna Lepore on her podcast, “Looking Outside,” about the power of stories, the narratives we tell others and ourselves, and how changing the story can change your life.

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Videocast with Ashutosh Garg


Dr. Gold was recently interviewed on the global videocast, “The Brand Called You,” discussing her writing and her books, Jewish Fiction .net  (the literary journal she founded and edits), her activism, and the importance of reading and literacy.

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In Sickness and in Health / Yom Kippur in a Gym – forthcoming with Guernica




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Final Movement in Montreal Review

Gold’s story, “Final Movement,” was published on May 2 in The Montréal Review. This story was originally published in her first book, Marrow and Other Stories, which won a Canadian Jewish Book Award. “Final Movement” is now available digitally for the first time.

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Marrow in the Montreal Review

Gold’s story, “Marrow” (which Alice Munro praised, writing to Gold: “Bravo!”) has entered the digital age. “Marrow” was the title story of Gold’s first book, Marrow and Other Stories, which won a Canadian Jewish Book Award. This book was published in 1998, though, before digital publishing, so until now the stories in it have not been available online. But now “Marrow” is (and so is “Final Movement”)! “Marrow” was published on January 6 in The Montréal Review.  

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Jerusalem Report interview with Mordechai – Nov. 8, 2021

Article in the Jerusalem Report about Nora Gold and Jewish Fiction .net. (Non-subscribers can read it here.)

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NLI event

Dr. Gold presented a webinar hosted by The National Library of Israel, called “Jewish Fiction Written in 16 Languages: Stories as Reflections of Jewish Life Across Time and Place.” Here Gold, as part of the celebrations of Jewish Fiction .net’s 10th anniversary year, briefly discusses 16 stories from Jewish Fiction .net – each originally written in a different language (Italian, Serbian, Romanian, Turkish, French, Danish, Polish, Spanish, German, Croatian, Hungarian, Russian, English, Hebrew, Ladino, Yiddish) – and relates these stories to some of the central themes in Jewish fiction.


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